Realize a real estate purchase is a major project, probably one of the most important of a lifetime. If becoming a homeowner can be very attractive, it can also be scary, especially when it comes to a first-time purchase. It is sometimes difficult to navigate the many steps to take. To help you, here is a quick overview of the different steps that will follow until you get your new keyring! 1 # The contribution of supporting documents First and foremost, it is essential to find your financing and do a study of your repayment capabilities. For this, all banks will ask you for proof. Generally, you will need to provide your last two tax notices, your last three payslips,[…]

An business loan is a loan for self-employed workers with attractive interest and a repayment period, depending on the bank with which you request it, for up to 20 years. The operation of business loans is similar to traditional financing in the form of a loan. However, in this form of subsidy three entities are affected: The Official Credit Institute , which will lend the money and set the conditions for its return; the credit institution, which will analyze your financial solvency and credit viability and, in addition, assume the risk in case of default; and the applicant, which must return the amount within the time limits set, together with the interest .  Also for entrepreneurs The acts as a[…]

In an instant loan, it usually takes only a few days from the application, to the disbursement of the loan amount.   Lending with immediate decision A loan with immediate decision or immediate payment is best received on the Internet at the direct banks. Online, you can usually put together your desired loan yourself and also submit it directly. After entering your personal data, you will often receive a non-binding confirmation or refusal. Info: Your entries are automatically checked by a system in the background and as soon as you meet the requirements, usually speaks against a final commitment. The benefits of a loan with instant confirmation If bills can no longer be paid in time and the car repair[…]

This system of mutual aid and solidarity consists of lending small sums to beneficiaries who can not normally qualify for conventional loan . The microloan is designed for all those who have difficulty accessing standard loans. It must make it possible to carry out certain professional or personal integration projects. The history of microloan microloan was born in Bangladesh thanks to Muhammad Yunus, economist and founder of Grameen Bank, and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner for “promoting the economic and social development of the poor”. Gradually, this method of financing has spread around the world. microloan arrived in France in the late 1980s. French microloan in a few figures microloan in France is aimed at both professionals and individuals. In[…]

Online loan is a product whose use has grown exponentially as new technologies have evolved, which have been incorporated into the field of finance. The immediacy, absence of intermediaries and favorable experience of use offered by these companies that are dedicated to lend money online have made it possible that it is increasingly the preferred option by consumers. The main banking entities have accepted and understood this new model and have launched themselves to participate directly in the game, so that 45% of the Spanish conventional banking already collaborates with these fintech companies in some way; and it is expected that, in the near future, the figure will reach 85%. It is the most powerful economies that register the highest[…]

Today, there are many people who consider applying for an online loan to cover their financial needs quickly, quickly and safely.   To cover all the types that may arise and to help, we have created this simple guide. Knowledge needed to request fast loans online? The majority of companies that offer fast loans run a greater risk than traditional or conventional financial institutions but prefer to sacrifice that security and cover the needs of all users who prefer to resort to financing adapted to the times in which digitalisation of services is one of the modern pillars that sustain the advanced society. The greatest advantage of quick loans over conventional loans is that far fewer requirements are needed to[…]

It is not always easy to be able to honor the installments of the loan and it may happen to be in trouble .. what do you risk not paying the installment of your mortgage ? First of all, it is good to stress that the ideal thing is to always pay on time, respecting your deadlines, the mortgage payment. In fact, many do not know that in April 2016 the government has fielded a new law that provides special provisions, for those who can not pay in time their mortgage and the unpaid installment. In fact, when there is a failure to pay the mortgage payment , or when there is a late payment, there are different consequences due[…]