Are you a businessman? Request your loan now

An business loan is a loan for self-employed workers with attractive interest and a repayment period, depending on the bank with which you request it, for up to 20 years.

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The operation of business loans is similar to traditional financing in the form of a loan. However, in this form of subsidy three entities are affected: The Official Credit Institute , which will lend the money and set the conditions for its return; the credit institution, which will analyze your financial solvency and credit viability and, in addition, assume the risk in case of default; and the applicant, which must return the amount within the time limits set, together with the interest . aff i?offer id=22&aff id=1291&file id=435

Also for entrepreneurs

The acts as a mediator between the financial institution and the client, so that it can fulfill all the projects in which it wants to invest. Creating a startup , designing a good logo and doing a market study takes time and money. business loans give you a hand to move forward a SME in the short, medium and long term.

Financing lines

Once you have chosen the best model for the financing you need, you must know the types of lines and distinguish the one that best suits you.

  • Companies and Entrepreneurs : A line aimed at freelancers and entrepreneurs who need instant liquidity or want to make investments within the national territory. This method of financing is valid for both private and public entities.
  • Guarantees SGR / SAECA : A line referred to companies, freelancers and public or private entities that have the endorsement of a Reciprocal Guarantee Company or of the State Corporation of Agricultural Insurance.
  • Commercial Credit : Intended for companies that need liquidity through the advance payment of bills pending collection.
  • Exporters : Focused on legal entities that can achieve liquidity through the advance payment of invoices from export activities or the previous production costs of their goods or services for the foreign market.
  • International : It is the only one with two slopes. On the one hand, it is directed towards self-employed workers, companies and public or private entities that need liquidity; and on the other, towards Spanish or foreign companies that want to finance the purchase / sale of goods or services.

Conditions to receive an credit

In general, the maximum amount granted in an business loan does not exceed € 12.5 million and its amortization period is 20 years . Despite this, most of the business loans granted do not exceed € 25,000 and are mainly destined for SME and micro-SME companies.

No opening fees

In addition, business loans do not have opening or study fees, but a cancellation fee in case of early repayment.

How to apply for an business loan

To be able to access an business loan, you must fill out this application and go to one of the entities associated with the Institution, in addition to submitting a proposal detailing who is the applicant for the financing and so that, and the capacity of payment and solvency of the interested party.

With all this, you can already enjoy the money to start a small business, invest and earn even more. Do not wait any longer and ask for it now!