Online loan: Easy money, fast and without paperwork

Today, there are many people who consider applying for an online loan to cover their financial needs quickly, quickly and safely.

 Knowledge needed to request fast loans online?

To cover all the types that may arise and to help, we have created this simple guide.

Knowledge needed to request fast loans online?

The majority of companies that offer fast loans run a greater risk than traditional or conventional financial institutions but prefer to sacrifice that security and cover the needs of all users who prefer to resort to financing adapted to the times in which digitalisation of services is one of the modern pillars that sustain the advanced society.

The greatest advantage of quick loans over conventional loans is that far fewer requirements are needed to qualify for them . To get a mortgage or a personal loan it is necessary to prove certain requirements that are not required with the quick loans. In addition, in most cases, financial institutions need to conduct an economic study on the person before granting them and, even so, they also usually require extra requirements such as the creation of a certain life insurance or the direct debit of payroll and receipts, so many entities request the hiring of additional services for the concession of a single service, something that is not well understood and that does not cover the real needs of users. aff i?offer id=22&aff id=1291&file id=435

Therefore, for cases in which fast money is needed, the best option will be to opt for an online loan . In this way you can get the money as soon as possible, without even having to move or contribute anything other than personal data and the bank account where it is necessary to make the deposit.

General conditions of quick loans

To understand all this we will start defining what is meant by fast loan, being those that are granted in a period not exceeding 48 hours but whose amount does not exceed in any case the 5,000 euros of generic form.

For these types of needs, the next point we must take into account are the conditions, which vary according to the company offering the loan. It is necessary to know in advance if, to apply for the loan, if there are commissions, if it is possible to defer a fee, and, finally, if it is necessary that the applicant is not within ASNEF. Surely many of us will ask ourselves, what is ASNEF? They are the abbreviations of the National Association of Financial Establishments of loan, a business organization that is in charge of managing a database in which the defaults of individuals and companies of all Spain are collected , for what, for all that are included in said file, the possibilities of requesting a loan will be increased, since many companies accept people that appear in ASNEF. Many times the amounts to include a person in the ASNEF are ridiculous and many other times not even the users know that they have been registered in the ASNEF, without entering the cases in which people have been unfairly registered or not. they have met the minimum requirements to be registered among them, that the user receives a communication informing them that they owe a certain amount of money to a certain company.

Last but not least, we must take into account the money that is needed and the maximum that the company offers, in addition to the maximum period in which it will be available, in most cases they are granted in just minutes and are available to the client in no less than 15 minutes, everything will depend on the company with which the service is contracted, we recommend that you consult all the characteristics of the loan in our comparison service.

Conditions for larger loans

If the money that is needed exceeds 6,000 euros, it will be necessary to opt for the so-called loans of greater quantity or greater amount . With these you can get to opt for amounts of up to 60,000 euros, but the conditions are hardened with respect to quick loans and mini-loans, which are usually a maximum of 1,000 euros, but are granted in a matter of minutes.

In the conditions of the loans of greater amount , in many occasions it is necessary that if there are debts within ASNEF they are not high because they will influence a lot in the possible granting of the loan.

Your biggest advantage against mortgage loans is the immediacy in your concession, since they need less paperwork. His biggest handicap lies in the fact that interests can become higher.

loans greater amount to those who opt

The maximum amount that can be accessed at this time does not exceed 60,000 euros . However, there are mortgage models that can reach up to 300,000 euros, provided that a property is provided as collateral. The repayment terms for these latter cases are very comfortable, since it is common to find entities that allow to pay the loan in 20 years.

Best mini-loans, fast loans and more of the moment

In the event that the immediate economic needs do not exceed one thousand euros, you can get that money in a matter of minutes in a multitude of companies. Even so, the most outstanding of all of them at this time is the one offered by Freezl, with a maximum amount of up to 1,000 euros. It is closely followed by Krédito24, which offers you 750 euros in 15 minutes.

If the types of loans are reviewed, it is observed that, among the quick loans, one of the companies that offers the best conditions is Monedo Now, with a maximum amount to be requested of 5,000 euros, which accepts ASNEF and does not ask for any type of paperwork to justify the loan.

In terms of the larger loan market, the options are much closer: if you do not need more than 15,000 euros, the veteran Cofidis offers enviable conditions thanks to its TIN of 4.95%, but, if What is needed is the greatest possible capital, in this sense it is ING Direct with its popular loan, Naranja, which is the winner because it can finance up to 60,000 euros.

If the situation is different, since liquidity is needed but properties are owned, for this type of clients there is also a more convenient online loan option: the offer by the company SwitzerlandInvest, although, to qualify for this type of loan, it will be necessary provide a guarantee in the form of property.